The Bright Side



"The Bright Side" is my independent, stop-motion animated thesis project. I made it at Sheridan College during the 2014-2015 school year. The film isn't publicly available online yet- but it will be soon!

Festival Screenings:

Anibar Animation Festival- Kids 4 Screening, August 2016

Mosaic World Film Festival- Short Film Session 3, August 2016

Toronto Youth Shorts- Aspire to Inspire Screening, August 2016

Art All Night Film Festival- June 2016

Future of Film Showcase- May 2016

Athens Animfest- Student Competition, April 2016

Monstra Lisbon Animation Festival- Baby Monstra Program, March 2016

Cinanima- Schools Come to Cinanima: Young Children Grand Panorama, November 2015

Hamilton Film Festival- Student Films 1 and Animated Shorts Screenings, November 2015

Multivision Festival- Student Competition, October-November 2015

Primanima Festival of First Animations- Children's Film Competition, October 2015

Grenada Afterglow Film Festival- AfterGLOW 1 Screening, October 2015